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8th Pay Commission: Now Govt Will Bring This New Formula To increase Salary

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8th Pay Commission: Important news for central government employees. Central employees and pensioners have been demanding for a long time to implement the 8th Pay Commission (8th Pay Commission) after the 7th Pay Commission (7th Pay Commission). But according to media reports, now there will be no 8th Pay Commission.

Central Government, as is the case with private sector companies. There is going to be a salary increase. The government is currently preparing a plan to implement it.

Former Finance Minister indicated

Former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had pointed towards this in the Parliament in 2016. He said that the government should now separate the employees from the Pay Commission (8th Pay Commission). However, the Finance Ministry has said. That the 8th Pay Commission will not come.

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What will be the new solution?

According to the information, the government is trying to make such a plan. In which there will be an automatic increase in salary if there is 50% DA (DA hike ). Its name is Automatic Pay Revision. Note that the 8th Payment Commission (Central Government) has not yet confirmed any such report. At present there are 68 lakh employees and 52 lakh pensioners in the central government.

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These employees will get more benefits

If the government makes a plan like the 8th Pay Commission. So the lower category employees will get its benefit. Former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley wanted that lower level employees should also get the benefit of salary hike, as well as middle class employees. The basic salary of central employees of level 1 to 5 can be minimum Rs 21000.

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Notably, dearness allowance will increase by this much

On the other hand, the latest figures in the AICPI index of central employees have been encouraging. The index has got 139.1 points. With this, the score of dearness allowance has increased to 49.68%. It means this. That central employees are certain to get 50% dearness allowance. (DA hike). Index figures are due by December 2023. It is certain to get 50% DA. Even if there is a decline. Along with the increase in dearness allowance of the employees, the path for increase in the 8th pay commission is also clear.

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Publish Date: January 06, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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