Hero Launches its New Maxi Scooter With 14 inch Wheels

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YuvaPatrkaar : Hero is ready to launch its new maxi scooter. The company continues to tease a scooter that looks like Hero Xoom 125. Whose debut will be at the EICMA event on 7th November. The name of the scooter has not been revealed in the teaser. But it is being speculated that it will be Zoom 125. The LED headlight and LED indicators of the scooter can be seen in the poster.

About the new scooter

Hero's new maxi scooter will be equipped with 125cc liquid cooled engine. The brand currently has only one scooter in its lineup. Which comes with Liquid Cooled engine. The look of the scooter seen in the teaser resembles the patent of Zoom 125. It is being speculated that the new scooter may come with 14 inch wheels. There has been no update regarding features yet. Some of its specifications may be similar to the existing Xoom 110. Let us tell you that before this, many Zoom models with 14 inch wheels have been tested in India.

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New bike will be introduced

Hero is also going to unveil an electric dirt bike under its Vida brand. The teaser shows the silhouette with a flat seat, “Beaky” front fender and wire spoke wheels. No information related to this has been revealed yet.

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Publish Date: November 6, 2023

Posted By Rohit Nehra

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