The New Electric Scooter Gives a Range of 180Km, High Speed & Price is This Much

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Kick EV Smassh

Kick EV Smassh Electric Scooter: These days new electric scooters are continuously being launched in the market. Now talking about Kick EV Smassh, the company has launched this electric scooter in the market with a very unique design. Apart from long range, it also has high speed.

And the company has offered great performance. You can estimate the popularity of this electric scooter from the fact that thousands of its units have been sold within a short time of its launch.

Electric Scooter Powerful Battery Pack Details

This is a very powerful electric scooter of the company. In which a 3.6kwh lithium ion battery pack has been installed. By fully charging the battery pack in this scooter once, you can drive it for a range of 180 kilometers. In this you get a 5000 watt electric motor based on modern technology. Which makes it capable of running easily on any kind of road.

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Kick EV Smashsh's fast speed

Kick EV is a great electric scooter from Smassh company. In which a powerful electric motor is installed. The motor installed in it makes it capable of running at a maximum speed of 76 kilometers per hour. Apart from the normal features, many modern features have also been provided in it for better riding experience. Which includes many features apart from digital cluster.

Kick EV Smassh Price Details

This electric scooter of the company comes with a modern braking system. A combination of dual disc brakes has been installed in both its wheels. Which makes it quite safe. The company has designed this electric scooter in a very attractive look. At the same time, its weight has also been kept quite light.

This scooter of the company also comes with very attractive offers. You get a full 5 years warranty on this electric scooter. If we talk about its price, the ex-showroom price of this electric scooter in the market has been kept at Rs 3 lakh.

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Publish Date: April 14, 2024

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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