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A Rare Coin of 1 Rupee Can Be Lucky For You, You Can Get Lakhs of Rupees For This Coin


YuvaPatrkaar : Did you know that old coins can actually make you a lot of money? This is true. People all over the world are collecting old coins and selling them for huge sums.

Just like you keep your coins in a piggy bank. These collectors save their old coins and can become really rich. There are now websites where you can send your coins.

They will convert them into money for you online. So, if you have some old coins lying around. So you too can become a millionaire.

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What makes these coins different and interesting

If you have a very old ₹1 coin of the year 1965. On which there is a special symbol. So its price can be very high. Like ₹200000 to ₹300000.

If the coin has a picture of God, its value can be even higher. Like hundreds of thousands of rupees. Even old coins of small denomination like 10 paisa, 20 paisa or 25 paisa can be sold for a lot of money like hundreds of thousands of rupees.

Where you can buy them

Selling old coins can be a good way to make some extra money and learn about different coins. Just be sure to ask an adult for help and keep your coins safe.

You can use the Internet to sell your old coins. First, you need to sign up on websites like eBay or Quicker.

Then, you have to register as a seller to sell things. And take pictures of your coins to show on the website. People who want to buy your coins can send you messages. And may offer to pay the price you decide upon.

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Publish Date : October 24, 2023

Posted By Sunita Verma

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