Horoscope 05 August 2023: 3 Zodiac Signs including Gemini Will Get Wealth-Glory-Progress Benefits, Good Deeds Along With Fame Will Get Success

Talking about today's Panchang, today is the Chaturthi Tithi of Krishna Paksha. Moon will communicate day and night in Gemini. Sunrise is at 5:44 am while sunset will be at 7:08 am. Chaturthi date of Krishna Paksha of Shravan month was Saturday, Rahu Kaal was from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. Chaturthi date will be 9:41. After this Panchami Tithi will start. Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatra has happened till 2:54. After that Revati Nakshatra will start. Moon will communicate in Pisces day and night. Brahma Muhurta was from 4:20 to 5:02. Amrit Kaal will be from 2:07 to 3:48.
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Horoscope 05 August 2023: Talking about the position of today's planets, Rahu and Guru are sitting in Aries. And Guru Chandala is creating yoga. Ketu is sitting in Libra. Sun is sitting in Cancer. Venus is in Mars and Mercury is in Leo. Venus is transiting in retrograde state. While Shani is transiting in Aquarius in retrograde state. Moon is transiting in Pisces. Let's know the future of 12 zodiac signs


Aries's mind will remain restless
creating anxious times
Expenditure will increase
mind can be troubled
Can be scared about something.
beware of rising costs
Bonding with life partner will be good.
Trouble can remain.


  1. Keep an eye on big sister's company
  2. With this, you will be able to solve the problem easily.
  3. will complete the work in time
  4. It is necessary to be vigilant at the workplace
  5. Keep in mind that family is another name of love
  6. Today others can make fun of any of your activities.
  7. Income will increase, good news will be received
  8. Stalled money can be returned.


  1. Help will be given from ruling administration
  2. high officials will be happy
  3. Will get business profit
  4. Health condition is going to be good today
  5. will expand business
  6. Moon is sitting in the tenth house
  7. Will follow in father's example
  8. Working hard at workplace today will be beneficial
  9. Transfer and promotion opportunities are visible
  10. Can be troubled by the problem of swelling in the teeth
  11. Be careful, travel will be beneficial.


  1. live in the house of the moon
  2. will get spiritual happiness
  3. Good news can be found in business today
  4. You will dominate the opponent today
  5. everyone in the family will agree
  6. Can cooperate with life partner in domestic work
  7. Luck will be with you, there will be benefit from the journey.
  8. Stopped work will go on.


  1. There are chances of getting hurt three to four times
  2. can get in trouble
  3. have to face adversity
  4. focus on health
  5. The state of love is moderate.
  6. Business condition is moderate.
  7. There may be rift in Nanihal
  8. time is not visible but shows a lot
  9. so be careful
  10. Do not argue with the team leader at workplace.
  11. There will be a debate-filled day in the family.


  1. Will get the support of life partner
  2. job position will be good
  3. lover-girlfriend can meet
  4. Love and business everything is going to be fine.
  5. There are chances of promotion on campus
  6. If the intention is good then the luck cannot be bad
  7. pay special attention to
  8. Collaboration can double profits today
  9. Examinees can get good news.


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  1. get rid of mental stress
  2. You can get profit from past investments
  3. Will be able to hit the spot today
  4. Today I am troubled by the problem of pain.
  5. The chances of getting success in any competitive exam will be heavy on the enemy.
  6. Will get the blessings of elders.

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  1. Avoid taking any decision with an emotional mind for Scorpio.
  2. may suffer loss
  3. avoid making important decisions
  4. Health will be fine
  5. business condition will be good
  6. it may be good to keep the yellow item with you
  7. Moon sitting in fifth house
  8. There will be a windfall profit
  9. will complete the unfinished work on time
  10. have regular checkups
  11. Dispute in the family may end today
  12. Can plan a trip for a religious program.


  1. Moon will be in the fourth house
  2. Family happiness will decrease
  3. Marketing business can get profit
  4. may have to face someone's anger
  5. If you are lazy then it will not work
  6. pay special attention to
  7. It would be right to make some changes regarding any pressure.
  8. Relationships can deteriorate due to someone in the family
  9. Today you will feel tired.


  1. hard work will be successful
  2. can buy a house and a car
  3. health will be moderate
  4. love status is good
  5. Business will do well, there are chances of promotion
  6. Money will become a source of profit.
  7. Money can be benefited from many places.

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  1. can lose money in satta lottery
  2. showing signs of impairment
  3. Control your tongue or else there may be a fight.
  4. Health will be moderate. Love condition is good.
  5. child's condition is good
  6. business is going well
  7. It would be better to keep green things with you
  8. Today Moon is sitting in second house
  9. Will think about ancestral property matters
  10. Will get the benefit of Karmayog
  11. Today can prove to be better in terms of health.
  12. There will be communication of positive energy.


  1. will be in the moon's sign
  2. there will be intellectual development
  3. Can order from any company
  4. Will get the blessings of the elder
  5. Health of a key member in the family will improve
  6. enjoy the beauty of nature
  7. will be the center of attraction
  8. Ojasvi will be stunning
  9. will be appreciated in society
  10. health will improve
  11. The position of money will remain strong.

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