Astrology: After July 17, Mercury-Sun Conjunction Will Be Formed, Raj Yog is Being Formed in These Zodiac Signs

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After July 17, Mercury-Sun Conjunction Will Be Formed, Raj Yog is Being Formed in These Zodiac Signs

Yuva Patrkaar, New Delhi : Jyotish, All the planets present in a man's horoscope have different effects on his life. If the movement of the planets of a man is good, then he becomes a king from a beggar. And if a person's planets are running badly, then he becomes from a king to a beggar. Among all the planets found in the human horoscope, the Sun God is considered the king of the planets. If the Sun is strong in a person's horoscope, then the person's respect and prestige increases. On July 8, 2023, at 12:19 pm, Buddha has entered Cancer. On July 17, 2023, at 5:19, Sun will transit in this sign. Yoga will be formed by the union of both the zodiac signs. With the meeting of these two, the fortunes of the 3 zodiac signs are going to shine.

Scorpio zodiac sign: People with Scorpio zodiac sign will benefit a lot from the opposite Rajyoga formed due to the combination of both the zodiac signs. The effect of Sun will increase on the people of Scorpio zodiac. Due to which the health of the people of this zodiac will remain good and they can get rid of chronic diseases. Your mind will be engaged in spiritual works, chances of sudden monetary gain are being created. People associated with investigation and research will also get special results of the alliance.

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Capricorn: This opposite Raja Yoga will prove to be very beneficial for the people of Capricorn. The person will get success in every work. During this, the cases going on in the court will get rid of. Might will increase and success will be achieved in repaying the old debt and will get rid of long standing health related ailments.

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Cancer: Due to the union of Mercury and Sun, the effect of the opposite Raja Yoga will be seen on the people of Cancer. During this, the natives of the zodiac will get respect in the workplace, all your stalled works will be completed. People associated with banking, import-export and investment will get special benefits during this period. All the troubles faced by the natives of this zodiac will be averted.

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