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Metro: Now Metro Service Will Start in These Cities, Know Complete Details

Metro: Now Metro Service Will Start in These Cities, Know Complete Details

Metro: The Chief Minister made a formal announcement in 2015. Before the Lok Sabha elections in 2018, Union Minister of State Krishnapal Gurjar said in a press conference that the metro rail service would start in 2021. According to all the claims of the public representatives, the year 2023 will also be determined. Till now, no budget has been made to start the metro rail service. As per current information, the Faridabad-Gurugram metro route is 32.14 km long.

12 metro rail stations will be built on this route. Gurugram metro will run from Bata Chowk. Of these, there will be six metro rail stations in Faridabad and six in Gurugram. The property business is expected to increase with the commencement of Gurugram-Faridabad Metro Rail. After the commencement of Metro Rail, the number of motorcycles on the Gurugram route will reduce. Next year, the Tughlakabad route will connect Gurugram Metro. By running metro rail on the Gurugram route, the environment will be saved and pollution will be reduced. Business will also increase by connecting the metro to these two cities.

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Some challenges may arise

Challenge of running Metro Rail feeder bus service; The challenge of connecting the Gurugram Metro route to the entire city; Difficulty in connecting Greater Faridabad with Metro Rail; And completing all these projects on time.

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Publish Date: December 29, 2023

Posted By Sunil

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