NHAI Will Remove 41 Toll Plazas, See Complete Details

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NHAI Will Remove 41 Toll Plazas, See Complete Details

NHAI Toll Plaza: The new policy proposes to build two toll plazas within 60 km on a highway. It also aims to reduce transfer costs by reducing the number of toll plazas. This is the reason. That some cities may merge.

It is believed. That even a single toll plaza will be removed or merged. As per the new policy, it will be deployed within 60 km of NH-1 and on other NHs.

Rs 81,227 crore from toll

If you want a good road. So toll will have to be paid. Toll fills the government treasury. Toll has collected Rs 81,227 crore in the last three years. Rs 27,636.05 crore in 2019–2020 and Rs 28,499.12 crore in 2020–2020 -2

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Which will be transferred. Under this, some tolls will be removed or merged. A 60 km toll plaza is also proposed in the new policy. The toll plaza saves the government approximately Rs 4.92 billion.

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Under the new policy, shift tax may also have to be paid at the merged toll plazas. Which indicates an increase in toll volume. As per the policy, there are three toll plazas on the Ambala-Delhi highway from Murthal to Panipat and Karnal.

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Publish Date: January 10, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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