UP Weather Forecast: The Increasing Heat in UP Has Made People Sleepless at Night, During Day People are in Distress Due To Heat

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Heat wave in Prayagraj

The weather in Uttar Pradesh this week has been like a roller coaster ride. At some places it rained and at some places there were gusts of strong winds, the residents here experienced everything. Especially the strong winds on Wednesday brought a slight drop in the temperature which brought some relief to the people. There are signs of change in the weather in the coming times also. According to the Meteorological Department, a western disturbance is about to hit the western Himalayan region. Due to which its effect will be visible in the plains also.

Chances of a happy Holi

People are excited with the news of clear sky and no sign of rain on the day of Holi. Such weather will make the colorful celebration of Holi even more joyful.

Heat wave in Prayagraj

On Friday, there was sunshine in most areas of Uttar Pradesh, due to which the temperature increased. Notably, the temperature in Prayagraj reached 33.3 degrees which made people feel hot.

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Hot weather in Lucknow

There has been a rise in temperature in the capital Lucknow also. On Friday, the maximum temperature here was recorded at 30.6 degrees and the minimum temperature was 16.6 degrees. With this increase, the maximum temperature in Lucknow on Saturday is likely to be 32 degrees and the minimum temperature will be 17 degrees. Due to which citizens have started hearing the sound of summer season.

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Increasing heat waves and people's troubles

While mild cold and pleasant weather was expected in the month of March, the heat soon showed its presence. The scorching sun and rising temperatures have already started making people worried about the heat. However, occasional rains and strong winds provided relief for some time but this is proving to be a relief.

Fear of severe heat in June-July

The Meteorological Department has predicted severe heat in the coming months, especially during June-July. This forecast is like a warning not only for Uttar Pradesh but for the entire country. Therefore, people should take measures to protect themselves from the heat from now on.

Precautions and Remedies

In this summer season, people are advised to drink as much water as possible, use umbrella or hat for protection from sunlight and wear light colored cotton clothes. It is especially important to take care of children and the elderly as they can be most affected by the heat. It is also important to apply sunscreen before going out and while outside. So that the skin can be protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Electricity saving measures

It is natural for electricity consumption to increase during the summer season. Especially due to the use of air conditioners and coolers. Therefore, to save energy, use fans whenever possible and keep unnecessary electrical appliances switched off. Apart from this, take the help of curtains and shady trees to keep the temperature cool inside the house.

Take care of health

During summer, the risk of heat stroke and dehydration increases. To avoid this, consume plenty of fluids such as water, lemonade, and soft drinks. Also, avoid consuming heavy and oily food as it can cause digestive problems. During these summer days, only light and easily digestible food is better.

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Publish Date: March 23, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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